Divorce is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be as technically difficult as most people believe. Couples that have made the difficult decision to part ways need not embark on the procedure alone. With the aid of an Atlanta divorce attorney at the Law Firm, clients will be able to avoid some of the pitfalls associated together with divorce, including those often seen in red tape and paperwork. Divorce rates in Georgia are higher than those of the national typical. In short, people facing this difficult situation are not alone.

An Atlanta divorce lawyer will be equipped to wander couples through the process of divorce from beginning to end. The Law Firm is pleased to announce its ability to lead clients in filing for divorce and original paperwork, the settlement method and the division of property, as well as the final signing. Enlisting the aid of the qualified Atlanta Divorce Attorney with the Law Firm ensures clients that all the records associated with filing for divorce is both written and executed correctly.

For people who are embarking on divorce, using the right law firm can mean the difference between panic and anxiety and a civil and relatively painless process. While no divorce is easy, the staff at the particular Law Firm can make the transition as smooth as possible.

There are a quantity of factors that can make facing divorce even more difficult than it currently is. For example, when children are participating and a custody dispute seems inevitable, the stress of divorce is magnified. The same is the case with property division. Everything from the residence and vehicles to all manners associated with debt and bills must be tackled. In every case, it’s important for both parties to commence thinking about how to handle your financial situation both before and after the marital dissolution. Failing to do so, and failure to put a plan in place, could result in money issues that continue – making it even more difficult to begin a fresh life. In many cases, Even if a divorce starts out cordial, things can change quickly when people go into survival mode. This is where the understanding of a qualified divorce attorney atlanta can come in handy.

It’s not uncommon for some couples to miss certain details, due in part to the emotional strain divorce can create. Hiring a qualified Atlanta lawyer from the Law Firm means the margin for error is actually diminished significantly. A high percentage of Georgia divorce cases settle before actually going in order to court. But it is still vital that you prepare the case thoroughly, to expect you’ll litigate from a position of power. Keep in mind, as well, that although there is no mandatory mediation in Georgia, individual courts may require that in a given case, especially if youngsters are involved.

Preparing the case often consists of engaging the input of other professionals, such as financial planners. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding resources, it may be necessary to hire a forensic accountant to track those assets down. Your attorney will help you determine exactly what needs to be done.

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