The venus factor program was created by John Barban who holds a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition. The co-creator Brad Pilon holds a 4 year honours degree in applied Human Nutrition. They both came together combined and their years of knowledge and created what is now known as venus factor. Which is currently the Number 1 selling weight loss product on the Internet.

The Venus factor is a weight loss program that deals with optimal nutrition and exercise that is specifically designed for women!.

Yes just women and that is important because all other weightloss program you find out there were created for both the male and female gender in mind and that is so wrong as the female has a different body type and metabolism than the men.

This is the first benefit of the venus factor program that none other provides. It was created for women only! . It goes into what exactly triggers excess fat in the female’s body and how to eliminate it for good.

What Is Inside The Venus Factor Program?

The Venus Factor Reviews program has something called The Venus Index where your waist,hip and height measurements is taken discussed in-depth as they are critical factors to weight loss.

Apart from that there is also “The Body Centric Eating Guide”. This part of the program tells you how to eat to achieve your ideal body shape. I love it because it doesn’t tell you to just eat this and eat that like some other weight-loss program does but rather after calculating your waist,hip and measurements, the program then create a specific eating pattern for you.

It calculates your calorie intake base on your hip,waste measurement and then tells you the exact meal and calorie you need daily to achieve your ideal weight loss goal.

It also has an app called the Virtual Nutritionist that tracks your progress each week and answers all your queries about what to eat and what not to eat

The Venus Factor Workout Manual

Of course in as much as what we eat is 75% responsible for our current weight, exercise is also a critical factor that cannot be overlooked. and the Venus factor goes into details about it.

The Venus factor comes with training and workout guides. All the report and video format to ensure you are doing exactly what you need to do to sculpt your body the way you want it. So you simply read or watch the exact workout exercise that fits your body type, do it and you will start seeing results within weeks.

Like I said the Venus factor combines optimum level of food and workouts that will increase your metabolism and burn excess fat really fast.

Venus Beautification Program

I think John Barban the creator of the program is really passionate about women, because when you look deeper into the Venus factor and its beautification program you will see that it is way more than a weight-loss or fat loss product. It is also designed to make you feel stronger,healthier and toned. It helps bring the sexiness in you out.

Venus Community: This alone is priceless. it has a community of thousands of women like you, where you can see other peoples success story, share your challenges and get help from women from all around the world.

What I Like About The Venus Factor

1.It talks about how you can burn fat without giving up all the food you really like.

2.It is dedicate to women and hence have more success rate than most weight loss program out there.

3. It is a 12 week guide. Meaning they guarantee that in 12weeks of following the instructions you would have lost an astonishing amount of excess stubborn fat from your body. But before then you would seeing great difference really.

4.It comes with three great bonuses including 143 premium video coaching lessons. Meaning you can sit down from the comfort of your home, watch, do the same-thing and start loosing those excess fat from your stomach,hip,waste,arm.

5.It comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. Meaning if for any reason you are not satisfied with it or after 60days of using it you do not see any remarkable difference. You can ask for your money back and it will be sent to you! That means you are taking no risk whatsoever.

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What I Don’t Like About The Venus Factor Program

Like I said this will be a totally unbiased review and there is something which I think some of you might not like about the venus factor and that is:

You will be willing to work hard to achieve your goal. So if you are not willing to make a life-style change to lose those weight then honestly the venus factor is not for you. It requires a lot of hard-work for 12 weeks. But If you are really fed up with carrying those excess fat then that should be a price you are willing to pay.


The Venus Factor Program is one of its kind. If you have 10 pounds or more that you want to cut off your body, if you want to look healthier, toned and sexy without sacrificing all your favourite meals, then the venus factor is right for you and gets my 100% recommendation.