We have heard of known philanthropists donating millions of dollars to the less fortunate people in the world. Perhaps some can’t help but appreciate these good deeds with awe wishing they can do the same. Some may also want to help others but feel that their extra money may be too small to contribute for a cause. This is where FanBox comes in – so how do you use FanBox to support your favorite cause?

For those that are not aware of it yet, Fanbox is a democratic social network that shares all of its revenues with its users based on the contributions that each of them provide to the community.

The time spent in FanBox by the user is converted into its value equivalent. FanBox pools the generated value from causes that are alike and donate it to the nominee group that represents the cause.

Of course if only one person donates, it may not be felt at all unless the amount is quite substantial. But if more people do it collectively, the value definitely goes up.

Each FanBox user or every person has a soft spot in his heart that is only known and felt by him. The social cause that one wants to help is something personal that FanBox does not even require an explanation. Everyone is free to nominate from the given list when one starts his FanBox account. It could be for animal care, arts, culture, humanities, education, environment, health or human services. There is a long list where one would just choose from if it embodies what he feels would satisfy his yearn to help.

FanBox does not require payment at all. If one wants to donate more, spend more time in the site. The FanBox system has a way of computing how much each one contributes to his chosen cause.

The real measure of a helpful heart is not in the amount given but on how sincere the giver is when he shares to others what he has. In this case, TIME.

It is always more difficult to reach out to people that you want to help when you do it on your own with limited resources. There are many groups organized by big television networks and big companies focused on social activities mainly for the “poorest of the poor” but it requires financial contribution from your end to participate.

In FanBox, not even a single cent is charged against your earnings. You are basically paid to help because the money that you will donate comes from FanBox for the time you spent in posting photos, videos and blog posts, creating ads, categorizing and rating, boosting, administering communities, selling, teaching and coaching.

Do you want to support your favorite cause? Spend time in what is FanBox all about doing the opportunities that you believe will enrich you financially while FanBox takes charge of the cause that enriches your life as a person.