If there is one factor in FanBox that accelerates earnings to greater heights, that is the Power User feature. So what is the FanBox Power User feature anyways?

A Power User subscription can be acquired by purchasing products or services in the marketplace and earning cash back earnings from those purchases. When you earn cash back earnings equaling the amount of your most recent processing fee, you automatically become a Power User.

You can also purchase the Power User subscription directly any time you wish.

As the term connotes, a user is empowered with higher visibility in everything that they do on the site, which can turn into a higher amount of earnings from all of the earning activities on FanBox that one participates in. In other words, the power remains as an un-used power until it is triggered by the user through activities on FanBox that generate earnings.

The beauty of FanBox is that it allows its users to grow their FanBox business at their own pace. Some users get into the system slowly, some are moderately quick while others who are seriously considering FanBox as their business excel even quicker.

The Power User feature is the answer to help FanBox users achieve their business goals even faster. The Power User color badge determines the level of the user’s earnings entitlement. One can be a basic Power User and enjoy the basic benefits. But if one wants to fly high, there are higher Power User levels: yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown or bronze. Bronze being the highest level.

The higher the Power User level, the more opportunity you have to earn more.

The benefits of a Power User include the following:

1) More activation codes to invite others

2) Higher income

3) Faster IPL increase to increase ads and Boosts faster

4) Administer communities

5) More fans

6) Enjoy new features of what is Fan Box ahead of others

These are only a few of the many more benefits of being a Power User. As one goes up the Power User ladder, the higher the income potential becomes.