Coaching is not mere teaching. It entails extraordinary commitment to ensure success for others.

The democratic social network FanBox take the concepts of coaching and has used that to create an entire program designed to teach its users how to be successful on the platform. FanBox shares all of its revenue with its users based on the contributions that those users provide to the network. For that reason, it is helpful to have a coach to teach you what you need to do to succeed personally and for the entire network.

What is the FanBox Success Coach program, and how does it work?

The FanBox Success Coach program is designed to equip the Success Coach with the appropriate skills and knowledge to make sure they are ready and prepared to take on the responsibilities of bringing their clients to success. It is not an easy job but very fulfilling.

This explains why before anyone is considered in the FanBox Success Coach program, a strict interview and screening process is employed. This is because being a FanBox Success Coach not only empowers those who pass the series of tests and interviews but the Success Coach stands as an “ambassador” of Fan Box reviews as well.

The Success Coach role is to guide, help and assist FanBox users through the steps of earning from the various opportunities available to them in the site. The Success Coach program has many other functions which are all discussed and tackled during the nomination and candidacy stage.

These are the steps needed to become a Success Coach:

1) Must have completed all the steps to graduation, such as :

– Publish at least 1 blog posts

– Categorize and rated at least 10 blog posts

– List a product or service in the marketplace

– Create and launch at least 3 Ads

The best way to influence others is being a model of what you teach yourself! These are the other pre-qualifications required before one is accepted in the FanBox Success Coach program:

– Has earnings of at least $600.00

– Updated in IPL processing fee payments

– Preferably a Power User

The process to become a Success Coach starts from nomination. This could either be an initiative by the FanBox user’s Success Coach if he feels that the former is a potential candidate or the FanBox user himself asks to be accepted in the program. A series of steps will then take off to include an SC training. Upon passing all the interviews and examinations, one finally become a FanBox earnings Success Coach.

What makes one a perfect candidate as a Success Coach?

A positive attitude!

The skills and knowledge can be learned but the heart to help others comes from within. With the right attitude and the right objective of joining the program, one can be an asset to the FanBox community as a Success Coach.