There are many places on the internet these days where you can buy and sell stuff. One of the largest online marketplaces is eBay, where people can buy and sell new and used items, and even start a business of selling items.

The FanBox Marketplace is similar to eBay, however there are additional benefits. Let’s compare “apples” to “apples” here and look at why you should use FanBox instead of eBay.

eBay requires several fees for every item offered in its site such as the initial insertion fee. It’s on a per item basis, per category regardless of the number of items one is selling. Plus a final value fee upon purchase of the item amounting from 10% to a maximum of $250. This is on top of the site’s charges for supplemental services.

FanBox on the other hand does not require any fee when a community member lists its products or services in the Provide marketplace. A budget is required when said items are advertised. You may create advertisements on Fan Box reviews for any products or services you are selling, at a low-cost. These ads will be shown to other users who may be actually interested in what you are selling. You have the potential to not only earn from the products or services you are selling, but also from the advertisements.

FanBox gives buyers cash back when they purchase in the marketplace. This rebate can be utilized to become a Power User, purchase ads or even cash out straight into your pocket.

This cash back is an incentive for people to purchase items in the FanBox Marketplace. Who wouldn’t want to receive cash back from the purchase price of items?

Both eBay and FanBox has a global market reach. However, they differ in fees and benefits. Where eBay has a fee, FanBox does not. FanBox also encourages funds to circulate through the online economy, and allows users to use 0 day matured earnings for purchases. This is yet another incentive for buyers to buy on FanBox over other online marketplaces. As a seller, then, your potential for earning through selling products and services on FanBox is increased.

What makes FanBox trustworthy as an avenue to do business is the fact that FanBox monitors the transactions and settle disputes fast. Only FanBox community members can buy and sell. This protects all parties because the people transacting a deal are both known and managed by FanBox. Thus, the incidence of fraud is minimized if not totally eradicated.

For FanBox users, it is logical to patronize the site’s marketplace not only because of the freebies and cashbacks but because of the huge market potential not yet fully explored. The FanBox social network is continually improving and innovating, and with more improvements and innovations the Marketplace can only get better. With buyers having the incentives to purchase on FanBox, and with sellers having the incentive to sell on FanBox, the FanBox Marketplace may just be a better option than eBay.