So many women wonder, ТIХm unhappy with my breasts, but do I need a breast augmentation or a breast lift? Use this information to answer your questions and help you get started in your Breast Augmentation journey. Dr. Tebbetts uses his proven High Five Measurement System to ensure he is selecting the right procedure for your body.

1. Breast Augmentation

Ideal Candidate:

Woman without significant breast sag looking to increase breast size

General Pre-Surgery Patient Complaints:

– Flat chested

– Unhappy with body proportions

– Seeking to fill out clothing

– Seeking more feminine figure

What It Does:

Places a breast implant (silicone gel or saline) to make the breasts bigger

What It DoesnХt Do:

Correct breast sag – if the breast sags and you add an implant, you will only have a larger saggy breast


24 Hour Recovery – with Dr. TebbettsХ method you can return to normal activities within 24 hours of our breast augmentation


Ranges from $6000 to 8000.00 depending on implant choice (Silicone or Saline)

2. Breast Lift:

Ideal Candidate

Woman experiencing breast sag (ptosis) possibly due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging

General Pre-Surgery Patient Complaints:

– Breasts lost volume over time

– Nipples point downward

– Breasts loose, droopy, sagging

– Breasts not perky

What It Does:

Removes excess skin reducing breast sag to make breasts perkier and firmer

What It DoesnХt Do:

Make the breasts larger


Can be easier than after breast augmentation – no tightness after surgery since the muscle is not disturbed


Ends up costing about the same as BA – no implant fee but more OR & Surgeon time

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. John B. Tebbetts runs his practice in Dallas, TX. He is a pioneer in breast augmentation and breast surgery. He is the creator of the High Five Measurement System and 24 Hour Recovery.

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