Complete software collection, analysis and decoding suite. Automatic signal classification of thousands of specific signals and users.

Main Features

– Successfully decodes even in the poorest conditions

– Always current – no outdated or out-of-use modes

– Wide band / Narrow band collection system interface

– License the entire suite, separate libraries or packages of modes

– Automatic classification

The most comprehensive collection of current ELF-SHF signal

Krypto500 offers an intuitive and powerful user interface and embedded intelligence to assist operators and analysts with proper collection, tuning and decoding of more than 70 short-duration calling and link-establishment protocols (ALE, ALIS, ALM and many more).

Comint Consulting offers hundreds of decoders for current, on-air modes ranging from ELF to SHF, terrestrial, air, naval and satellite modes – we decode them all! New decoders are continuously in progress. Contact Comint Consulting for custom DSP work and development of decoders for your mode requirements. We complete 10-20 new decode solutions every year. Stay current with us!

Three options

Our decoders are available in three ways for YOUR convenience and flexibiliy under Windows or Linux:

– integrated in the Krypto500 signal decoding software application

– individually as stand-alone modules (DLLs) or Linux libraries (SO)

– in packages of several modes or modulations according to your needs

Signal Classification

Say goodbye to Modulation Recognition and meet Signal Classification.

Our signals classification techniques not only consider modulation, but go much, much further as modern SIGINT/COMINT operations demand:

We identify specific equipment, specific variants and submodes of that equipment – and – specific users.

Relevant Modes

We feel strongly about NOT offering modes that are no longer on-air in any fashion.

We also don’t believe in superfluously padding a list of modes with tonal systems of dubious or nil usefulness – most are long off the air, or used by taxi or electrical companies in very small areas of the world. These deceptive practices certainly make for a more impressive and long list of modes – but it is a waste of time and money for a professional to have to wade through. Sadly, some of the modes in the PDF below have not been on-air anywhere in the world for more than TWO DECADES!

Krypto500 and networks

Krypto500 works well under Windows and Linux – whether on an individual workstation or a network of hundreds. Krypto500 is completely adaptable to use on virtually ANY network.

For more information about signal decoding software visit our website.