Well, if there’s one thing you can say in regards to the car industry, it’s that they know whom they’re marketing to. A current study conducted through Forbes found which auto brands are extremely pervasive in the male thoughts, whereas women didn’t have a individual auto showing in their top 20 most desired manufacturers. Your nissan dealers pa is past excited about the most up-to-date marketing strategy to strike the Nissan community: a collaboration with Sports Illustrated that will get men referring to the Nissan brand. Nissan is likening its sleek new Jook model to the models that will be featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Release. The partnership required the form of the contest where aspiring designs would compete for a spot in the 2011 Swimsuit Edition. It’s a “model compared to. model” competition that yields only invariably winners and a great marketing campaign that is sure to appeal to the male demographic. That’s also one with the edgier marketing moves by the actual Nissan brands in the past several years; in fact, it’s one of the particular edgier marketing moves by virtually any auto brand in the past few years. Philadelphia used Nissan dealers are fired up to see what type of impact the marketing campaign has on sales.

There have been recently a series regarding videos launched to advertise the contest, which is today over, and they were highly successful in going viral. Your Philadelphia Nissan dealership watched your competition closely and was happy with the results. According to an article in Inside Line, “The videos place Amber in a wind tube with the Fake or in what appears to become a zero-60 mph acceleration contest. Amber wears program shoes and any bikini. Specifications posted underneath the video say the Juke churns out 188 horsepower, while Silpada clocks in at 1.2 horsepower. The Jook beats Amber in this particular contest — at least in some recoverable format. In the curb attractiveness category, the Fake is described since having ‘muscular curve,’ while Amber provides ‘plenty of curve.'” Nissan seems to do a better work than ever in promoting its brand using social media, and the utilization of social media to help the particular campaign go virus-like could serve being a great case examine for marketers throughout all industries. Certain, we don’t all have a big enough budget to partner with Sports Illustrated, but Philadelphia used Nissan drivers are self-confident that a great deal can be learned from Nissan’s marketing team.

For your nissan dealers pa, the competition represented one more reason why 2011 should be any banner year for your Nissan brand. Renewed consumer interest in the auto market is assisting to spur on bigger and better sales than anyone skilled even before these tough economic times set in. Philadelphia used Nissan drivers recognize the worth of investing in a Nissan car because the brand pumps out dependable cars and focuses seriously on fuel efficiency. The success of this very first big campaign must set a excellent pace for the actual Nissan brand as that revs its engine in 2011.