Serious auto accidents, unfortunately, happen every day. Though we typically cannot control an accident, we can control what we do after an accident. A serious accident involves any event involving damage in excess of $1,000, great bodily harm, or loss of life. Knowing what to do after such an event is very important if you wish to protect your best interests. Below are four things you should do after a serious auto accident.

1. If an accident occurs in which an individual is seriously injured, the emergency services must be notified as quickly as possible for obvious reasons. If you are involved in a traffic accident which has caused damage to your vehicle, even if the vehicle(s) are still drivable, make sure to call the police in order to file a report. A report is necessary in order to file an insurance claim. A report is also necessary to protect you against other drivers and property owners who may be trying to take advantage of a situation.

2. Contact a car accident attorney in the Miami area as soon as possible. Other drivers, regardless of who is at fault, will be contacting attorneys? you should too! By not contacting an attorney you are assuming your interest will be taken care of. You also assume people will handle your case appropriately. Mistakes involving police reports, police response, and insurance claims occur all the time? don’t be a victim twice!

3. Some attorneys who are working for other involved individual will have you trying to sign paperwork or admissions of guilt, sometimes even while you are still at the scene of the accident or still in the hospital. Do not sign anything until you contact your own accident attorney. Many people who were otherwise free of any wrongdoing have fallen prey to the unscrupulous tactics of some attorneys.

4. As soon as you have the police report, and as soon as you are able to do so, contact your insurance company in order to file a claim. Again, do not sign any paperwork from your insurance company claiming responsibility for the crash until you speak with an attorney. Such admissions, or paperwork, should always go through your attorney.

Serious auto accidents occur frequently on Florida roads. Though fatality rates have dropped due to increased safety features, people are still seriously injured on a frequent basis. Contacting an attorney is your first step in recouping your losses in the event of an accident, so don’t delay! Click here to learn more about Saban and Solomon accident law office.