When a visitor hits your landing page, you want them to become a customer. The way to make that happen is to create an effective landing page. Make it impossible, or nearly so, for them to click away without buying.

Here are five elements a great landing page must have:

Headline with USP

Your “USP” is your unique selling proposition. This is the one thing that your product has that makes it the obvious choice. If you are selling an eBook on losing weight, your USP might be that you offer half an hour of personal coaching along with the eBook.

Your headline and subhead, if you use one, must convey this USP. You should also continue to focus on the USP throughout your landing page. Tell people why they should choose your product.


You should provide a clear and powerful image of your product. If you’re selling an eBook, you may consider a nice 3D image that pops off of the page and makes the reader want to open it and read it. If you’re selling a service, show a photo of yourself in service mode. If you’re selling a product, show it in use. Make the reader want to own your product or use your service.


Too many people tell the reader what the product is. It’s a book about weight loss. You want to share the benefit. You will lose weight even if you have “tried everything” and feel discouraged. You can take this even further by showing the benefit of the benefit. You will lose weight even if you’ve tried everything, so that you can get your life back and feel like your old self.


Testimonials are a form of social proof. When your reader sees that other people used your product or service and loved it, they’ll be more comfortable buying it themselves. Three testimonials is a good start. More is always better. You must use real testimonials. You can’t make them up. They will be more believable if you include the person’s full name and a photo.

Call to Action

This is where you ask for the sale. You tell the reader what to do and why. For instance, “Order now to lock in your five bonuses.”

Designing an amazingly effective landing page is not difficult once you know the elements to include. When your landing page has these five components, you will see more engagement and conversions.

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