Narrow boats are essentially used for navigating in man made canals. The specific design of these boats makes navigating fairly easy in the tight turns as well as narrow lanes of the canals. These boats were first introduced in England during the commercial revolution. At that era narrow boats were the most important means of transportation for people and cargo. In the present days these boats are still becoming used but mainly for vacationer attraction. The boats themselves have undergone some adjustments in their design. Many newer narrow motorboats have sleeping quarters which allow the tourists to spend the night in the boat. With tourism industry thriving in England it is not uncommon for many folks to buy old narrow boats as well as alter them to suit today’s needs. However when people buy these boats they neglect something very important, the narrow boat insurance which if neglected is going to cost them a lot upon long run.

Narrowboat insurance provides the owners using a financial cover for their invested money. If the boat sustains any damage or if the boat is lost or taken the insurance company compensates for the loss. This allows the owners to really enjoy the benefits of buying a narrow boat. In order to be completely safe it’s important for the owners to buy different types of thin boat insurance policies.

1. Anti theft or property stolen insurance policy

This policy is perhaps the fundamental policy. If the boat were to be stolen or misplaced then the insurance company pays up the level of money which has been decided during the time of shopping for the policy. In order to get a low quote around the anti theft insurance policy, one needs to show that the boat is parked at a secure place like the boat house when it just isn’t being used. If the boat is equipped with monitoring devices and other newest technological gizmos it allures a lesser quote coming from many insurance companies.

2. The physical damage or accident insurance policy

This policy provides the financial assistance if the boat is damaged due to accident or vandalism. The owners can claim the level of money required for the repair charges from the narrowboat insurance company. The best way to get a lower quote on this type of policy is to buy the policy online, and before buying it is important to compare the prices involving the various types of policies.

3. Fire insurance policy.

This policy compensates the loss caused due to any fire accidents about the boat. The best way to get a cheaper quote on this policy is to install smoke detectors as well as follow the proper fireplace accident prevention code on the boat.