Cadillac used cars like the XLR are extremely expensive cars to buy new, so will require a look at an earlier edition of this gorgeous machine that most people could afford to buy Pittsburgh Used Cadillac. General Motors and Cadillac wanted to get into the luxury segment of the actual high end coupe market, in which such auto companies like Bmw and Mercedes used to do so well in. To compete against this kind of vehicles like SC430 and the SL500 you’re going will need your best engine and chassis to win people over. So General Motors in 2004 decided it was going to use the Corvette’s engine and some of the technology, to go head to head with these iconic brands.

Cadillac XLR used cars:

This is not really a cheap car to buy brand new, you’re looking well over $100,000 dollars to take it from the showroom and home into your garage. What makes this vehicle very popular too many people in North America is actually its exterior design and the power you get from that V8 engine. If there is one weakness to this vehicle it’s the interior design of it, every thing screams dull. There’s nice wood trim on the actual doors and steering tyre but nothing I haven’t seen in other luxury cars, the center system has a routing screen to show you a GPS map and you can use the identical touch screen to control various systems through the vehicle. You also have Am/Fm stereo, Air conditioning/heating and a Compact disk disc changer.

The actual Cadillac XLR is power by a V8, 4.6-litre, 320 horsepower engine, with 320 pounds per ft of torque. It is a 5 speed transmission that you can either push in automatic or switch a switch as well as do it manually. Used Cadillac Pittsburgh cars like the XLR are back wheel drive and uses a stability and traction control system to handle any forms of weather. The a single neat thing I luv about this particular vehicle is the power to drive it personally or automatic; this gives you that option to either take it easy or press the pedal to the medal when driving on the actual highway!

The XLR comes in both a hardtop and ragtop and has an excellent ABS braking system that helps in both bad weather and high speeds.

I would buy the Cadillac XLR as the used vehicle; it is reliable and can be either a luxury coupe or sports car, it’s all up to you.