Subaru used cars are very popular especially with people who follow off road racing, Subaru is known for its world rally rushing team. When looking at the Tribeca B9, you can’t help but to think the designers of this automobile had to be drunk when putting this together on the drawing panel. It is one of the ugliest searching vehicles I have ever laid my personal eyes on. Pittsburgh Used Subaru made the decision to stop causeing this to be version in 2007. The following year Subaru made the decision to rename the B9 and give it a new body and engine. However we’re here to talk regarding the B9 and if it’s worth purchasing used.

Subaru Tribeca used cars:

The Subaru Tribeca doesn’t exactly have a big engine to drive a family of five in. It comes with a 3.0-litre, 245 horsepower engine and has 215 pounds for each feet of torque. When looking at the fuel economy of the Subrau Tribeca it gets 13.3-litres, for each 100 km, for city traveling and 9.5-litres, per 100 km, for highway driving. Over just about all when the Tribeca is at full capability it lacks the power needed to move close to and its fuel consumption for both city and highway traveling is average at best.

Everywhere I have appeared on the web for information on what Subaru Tribeca B9 proprietors are saying is fairly good. Tribeca owners really really feel it’s a vehicle they can trust and rely on.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons before you decide to buy a Used Subaru Pittsburgh Tribeca.

1- One website forum I went to had issues from previous owners which the body function was fragile and one report stated that a tennis golf ball could dent the side of the vehicle.

2- Another problem with the Tribeca had been the transmission manage system.

3- It has a great security record from the National Highway Traffic Security Administration for front and side accident tests done to it.

4- It was providing a good rating from the Insurance for Highway Security for front and side accident tests carried out to it as well.

I can’t really say anything poor about the Tribeca B9; it’s owners seem to trust this particular vehicle when you read various forums on the web. The only thing if there is a weakness in the B9 is that the engine is not effective enough for this model.